K K Krazy About Khan

5 06 2011

I always felt that it’s an amazing privilege offered by big bookstores, especially in malls, where people are allowed to read books in the store as long as they like. For some inexplicable reason, it always excited me. But not until this afternoon did I get the opportunity to avail it when my husband decided to dump me in a mall while he rushes off to his office to attend to some urgent business. I failed miserably in my attempt at feigning distaste towards the idea as I couldn’t help being overjoyed by the thought of spending in Crosswords of Shopper’s Stop for a few undisturbed hours.

So, that’s how I started reading “K K Krazy About Khan” by Sonali Ghosh Sen today. It’s not an impulsive pick but in fact had it in my “To Be Read” list for quite a while. It’s pure chick-lit in which the protagonist is an ardent fan (well of course, that would be an understatement of the century) of the King Khan. I just came across this title somewhere on the Net and being an earnest fan of the star myself, the question of whether to pick this book up or not didn’t even come up for me. Friends from college know how crazy I was about Shah Rukh Khan then. Those memories always amuse me. I guess it’s one of the blissful features of teenage that one can be so passionate about such things.

Now, coming to the book, as I said earlier it’s a chick-lit. Though I always profess myself to be someone who dislikes chick-lit in general, I must admit that there are certain exceptions. I occasionally enjoy a well-written, no-nonsense chick-lit but I can’t endure “Chasing Harry Winston”, “P.S. I Love You” types. And here comes a confession: I go ga-ga over the inherent romance in the story and savor the moments whenever Price Charming sweeps the girl off her feet and finally, much to her surprise, happiness and contentment, declares his undying love for her. Also it doesn’t hurt to note that that girl is usually not the most beautiful nor the most popular female creature, in the sense that she is neither a perfect doll nor a typical ideal woman, featured in the book.

I totally loved “K K Krazy About Khan” once I got over my initial inhibitions and stereotype against the genre and got synched with the attitude of the characters. I chuckled to myself numerous times and it’s quite possible that I might have even laughed out loud  at times. I wonder what the shoppers around thought of me! The humor was so enjoyable that it was hard to put down the book. Didn’t even notice how the hours rolled by. But I guess, one needs to be a fan of SRK, at least to some degree, in order to be able to relate to or at least empathize with Kriti Kapoor (the protagonist) and enjoy the book as much as I did, or even more.

One other thought that crossed my mind while drinking in the book was that there may be people, especially guys,  who don’t quite like this book and think that the characters are just being plain stupid or silly and quite understandably so. Well, one can’t relate to everyone and everything. The sudden dawn of this realization reminded me of my reaction to a typical guy fiction (in broad sense, light fiction written by a man) – My Friend Sancho by Amit Varma that I read recently. Only now am I able to perceive it with more tolerance. I shouldn’t have been too hard on Amit and his hero Abir.



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