Lessons from mommyhood

30 05 2011


I’m tagged with “Mommyhood tag” by Sree, and this is the first time I’ve ever got a chance to be part of a chain. So, I’m a kind of excited about it. This tag basically requires one to put down the five lessons taught by motherhood.

I’m not so great at this introspection and reflection thing. Given the popular belief that the most important thing that a person is interested in is himself/herself, I’m not sure why I quickly get bored of self-analysis. I find myself so complex that I give up trying to untangle the jumble of haphazard thoughts. So, this post really calls for a certain degree of effort on my part. 🙂

Here I go.

Lesson 1: This is more of an observation rather than a lesson, but a profound one. I was astonished at the realization of the quality of compassion I felt towards my son right from moment one. I never felt so strongly about anyone before. Also, something completely changes in you once you become a parent. No more can you view and perceive kids (in general, not just your own) as before.

Lesson 2: Parents are not super humans. One can only do as much depending on one’s knowledge, attitude, personality and resources. I’ve come to feel greater compassion and understanding towards my own parents through my motherhood.

Lesson 3: Parenting doesn’t come naturally once you give birth to a baby. One needs to consciously make an effort. It is a continuous process and a parent grows along with the child. Mere love without supporting action isn’t enough.

Lesson 4: I recognized the need to keep my behavior, deeds and words in check as there is someone who always looks up to me for guidance. It feels good to be utterly important to someone.

Lesson 5:  To enjoy my kid’s childhood to the best while it lasts.

Now, it’s time to tag 5 mommy bloggers. But alas, I don’t know any who haven’t been tagged already by someone else. So, sorry folks!




4 responses

30 05 2011

:)… mommies are same everywhere… thanks for taking it up.

9 06 2011

Nice !
Super like esp for #2 and #4

22 07 2011

Siri Hai!

I liked it . Understanding towards our own parents and check as there is someone who always looks up for guidance. These have really impressed me and made me remember my parents and my behaviour towards them. How i should be as a mother is another aspect.


NET Exam frien

23 07 2011

Hi Sushmitha,
Almost everyone has similar reactions to motherhood. We can’t visualize or imagine being a mother. It has to be experienced to completely understand it.

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