100% Love

19 05 2011

Just watched 100% Love. It was good. It’s full of ego wars between the lead characters. Couldn’t help swaying emotionally all through the film. Both the hero and heroine couldn’t express their feelings in a better way. No great opportunities to savor the chemistry between them. I felt tensed through out the movie.

I especially liked the first half. Their determination and hardwork to be the first ranker is very inspiring. I hope it helps me in my prep. 🙂

The whole point of the movie seemed to break the ego of the hero. The heroine accomplishes all her challenges as the hero fails to keep up his. It seemed like a heoine-oriented movie (on a lighter note). I admit that hero is a bit too arrogant about his intelligence and accomplishments. But still felt bad to see him lose to the heroine all the time. While the heroine claims that she is in love with the hero right from the beginning, she seemed more interested in a ego battle with him and in enjoying his physical intimacy than anything else. While she claims that she loves him so much that she proposed to another guy for him, I feel that there could have been better ways to prove/display her love. There is no evidence that her feelings are beyond infatuation but her own conscience. The director might have felt good to have kept the audience in the semi-dark till the end, but I feel that it reflected badly on the characters.

On the whole, the movie is good.




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