Mr. Perfect

29 04 2011

Just returned from watching this movie. It’s awesome. I totally loved it. I guess it’s been a while since I enjoyed a movie this much. I liked almost everything about the movie. Above all I liked its message.

Caution: More praises down the line.

My first impression of Tapsi wasn’t good and I decided even before watching the movie that I’m going to dislike her.  But I surprised myself. I liked her a lot, especially her smile. It’s very beautiful. She looked really cool in jeans and white t-shirt.

I liked Kajal the best in this movie, not just because of her amazing costumes but because of her eye makeup. I always felt that only a little bit of Kajal on her eyes completes her diva look and I loved to see her lovely eyes in this movie.

Enough about the girls. Coming to Prabhas, he looked really chic and super cool. He was as handsome as ever and I loved him in the blazer.

Vicky (Prabhas) is a perfect gentleman and as Priya (Kajal) says there will be none who will not like him. In this movie, all the characters are good. There are no uncomfortable moments/scenes. Not even one. It’s a clean family entertainer.

The chemistry between Prabhas and Kajal was awesome and they make a great pair on the screen. I saw their previous movie – “Darling” only recently and liked them a lot in it.

The basic message that the movie conveys is that one needs to adjust in order to be successful  in relationships. While I agree with this philosophy, I feel that there must always be a limit for such adjustments and one shouldn’t lose oneself in the process. While it’s normal that people voluntarily change and make allowances for those they are in love with, I believe that it is unwise to  go to the extreme and leave behind one’s identity.  Sure there should be adjustments, but they should come from both the parties for long-term sustainment of the relationship. I might not be able to exactly define what Love is but I’m sure that it’s not about losing oneself in the other. In my opinion, a successful relationship exists only when there is a perfect balance between one’s individuality and the couple’s togetherness.

Needless to say, I plan to watch this movie again.The whole movie seems like a special visual treat  and I have a feeling that I’ll like it better each time I watch it.




3 responses

29 04 2011

I have heared of a story where – a young man was searching all his life for the most perfect woman on earth. Finally, he found her when he had become old. But then, she was in search of the most perfect man..
Looks like, in this movie – the impossible has become possible. Tollywood has done it again..! cheers……… 🙂

30 04 2011

Hmm.. what an irony! The basic premise of the movie is actually not the search for perfection but the conviction of the hero that compromise in anything leads to failure. Well, I myself have qualms about defining perfection. In my opinion everything is relative.

11 05 2011

Ditto from me.. I dont even remember any recent movie that I enjoyed this much.. Esp after teenmaar, i decided not to go to any movies but jst watch them at home…I am glad I watched it not waiting an year for the dvd to come out.. I totally liked the movie..

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