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17 01 2011

Teenage… what a sweet-bitter phase of life! Traversing through those memories the other day, I experienced a jumble of emotions. I smiled with satisfaction at the recollection of pleasant and exciting episodes. I laughed out loud as I recalled the silly and naughty deeds I’d done. I winced with pain at the mere thought of the various failures and disappointments of those years.

But one thing I felt the most is “embarrassment” at an assortment of events/happenings. Being wiser and more experienced now, I guess it’s only natural to feel that way. But gosh, did I really say and do all those things back then? What was I thinking? Most probably I wouldn’t have been thinking much. 🙂

Well, one such embarrassing reminiscence is the collection of my so-called poems, which I came across on that particular day. I had been the editor of the college wall-magazine for 2 years during my graduation. On a whim, I decided that writing something on my own is much easier compared to collecting works of art from fellow students. So, I began to write – just to fill up the magazine as and when the need arose. I must admit one thing about my college-mates: they were wonderful – really very supportive of such adventures. Many of them even had nice things to say about mine, which makes me forever wonder at the magnitude of their politeness. 🙂

Here’s one of my less awkward creations for your entertainment:



I want to say about

Something that is nothing

A nothing which is so sweet

A nothing that puts a smile on my lips

A nothing that brings glow onto my face

A nothing that drives me high

A nothing that comforts me and consoles me

A nothing whose memory is always as fresh as morning dew

A nothing whose thought itself makes my heartbeat faster

I want to say about

Some nothings that have become the zeal of my life

Sweet nothings that I never wish to forget

I call them sweet because they are the

Memories that haunt me

Memories that move me

Memories that left me alive




2 responses

7 04 2011
Silpa R Nalubolu

Loved it.. only people who knew you then would understand it.. I did.. its beautiful…

9 04 2011

Thanks dear!

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