6 01 2011

It has been almost a week since Numaish, the 71st Annual Industrial Exhibition of Hyderabad has begun and my feet are twitching to go there as soon as possible. I always loved the gay atmosphere surrounding the exhibition. When I was little, I used to marvel at the vastness of it. For many years, I couldn’t cover the grounds – I used to get exhausted even before I wander through half of it. 🙂 Only recently had I been fortunate enough to conquer it all. 😀 It always seems like a magical place with so much offer.

Even now, I get excited at the mere thought of it and await its arrival every year with much anticipation. I especially like apparels from Lucknow and Kashmir. Well, let me not get too much into it. Otherwise I drift off endlessly. This drooling over  got me thinking about my recent obsession – Shopping. Gosh, sometimes it makes me sick but still am not able to refrain from it. It sure turned into an addiction.

Recently, I read an article in The Hindu about the “social additions” which are rampant in the society now. These include watching TV, browsing the Net, shopping, playing video games, involving in a string of relationships, overeating and the like. Well, the author says that the reason people are susceptible to such compulsive behaviors is the “fear” factor. Given the fact that indulging in such repetitive actions (passive or active) numbs our brain, the author suggests that unpredictability and chaos in life in general is what pushing us over the edge. And to get hold on ourselves at the right moment, we need to combat “the fear” within us.  Wow, isn’t this enlightening?

Coming to me, what addictions are lurking around to seize my sanity? Well, the worst of all is obvious – Reading. Yes, you read it right. I read a lot and take immense pleasure in tossing off finished books and picking up new ones. I spend almost every free moment of mine with books and whenever I find myself away from them even for a few minutes, I feel an actual physical pain. A quick Google search revealed that there are countless other people who are in my shoes and ironically a whole lot of books were written on the subject.  I was especially struck dumb by one paradoxical prescription: “the best cure for bibliomania is simple – just  one more book”. Incredible!

Next in the line is surfing the Net. I check my e-mail daily (multiple times at that), even though nothing interesting comes up very often into  my inbox. Socializing in Orkut is another fad for me. Thank God, there has been some breathing space since I closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Most of the times, I just idle away the time on the Net with nothing productive or satisfying about it. Well, it might not be too much considering the present standards but I do believe that I could use that time and energy elsewhere.

According to the author of the above article, each one of us is an addict waiting to happen. So, what is your list of contenders?



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