My 2010

31 12 2010

Yet another year comes to an end and the dawn of yet another new year lurks just around the corner. This time I am a bit too eager to put 2010 behind me. Time doesn’t seem to be running fast enough.

The keyword this year had been “loss”. There had been a lot of it in various forms – money, peace of mind, job, perseverance, zeal, favorite possessions, and the like. The situation might not have been as dismal as I am trying to portray but still the year has left me in confusion and also a kind of desperation.

I know that I shouldn’t put the blame on “the year”, which is such an obviously lame effort to divert attention from myself. But I do hope that along with 2010, I also take leave of the traces of all those losses and plunge into 2011 with new vigour and ardor. All through 2010, it seemed that, I let things happen to me. In contrast, I wish to make things happen in 2011.

Wish me “All the Best”.



2 responses

1 01 2011

All the very best to you… Sree

All the bessssss – Sreya.

and also Appy to You :).

2 01 2011

Thanks a lot Sree and Sreya!!

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