A Thing Beyond Forever

21 12 2010

By Novneel Chakraborthy.

Yet another love story from yet another budding Indian author. It had been a refreshing read because it  seemed less amateurish than some of the more popular novels. I agree that it’s a little verbose but that’s not the reason why I’m impressed. The characters are molded well  and there is certain depth to them when compared to a few bestsellers of the same genre  I’ve read recently.  The novel is not just about the narration of a straight-forward story but also about the passion, inner struggle and deep secrets of the lead characters.

The author used a lot of similes but sadly, not everything clicked. The one thing which pissed me off the most was the poor punctuation, which made the countless “too long” sentences a tad too difficult to get in the first reading (and also the second and sometimes even the third 😦 ). Added to that there were obvious grammatical errors (especially the way “though” and “but” were used in the same sentence. Another such pair was “since” and “as”). I don’t understand how the editor might have overlooked such glaring mistakes.

All in all, I liked the author’s writing style and the way he told the story.( I specifically liked the “dreams” part.) He seems to have the potential to become a good writer. Let’s see how it goes.

PS: I like Radhika Sharma (the protagonist).




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