19 12 2010

“Love is good only for sometime” – interesting but not so novel/radical an idea.  This is the concept on which the recent star-studded movie “Orange” has been about. Sprang from the direction of the famous Bommarillu Bhaskar, everyone had lots of expectations from this movie but it clearly disappointed. I must say it’s a badly made movie. May be something got lost along the line – since the time the idea was conceived to the moment when it finally came out as a movie.

The protagonist believes that Love is good for only sometime. He thinks that with time, the sweetness of love vanishes and leaves one only in the midst of never-ending lies, which in turn lead to suffocation and frustration. The director took his sweet time (around 3/4th of the movie) to drive the point of the protagonist into the minds of the audience, which kind of felt too much. Consequently, he couldn’t spare much time for proving the flaw in the protagonist’s philosophy of love/life.

It is obvious that his philosophy has a flaw because, people don’t live like that – in a series of brief love affairs. There is solid case for a life long love relationship and that is the reason why everyone crave for it.  It’s agreed that the romance and excitement of the initial days don’t last long but it’s natural. Love takes different forms as the relationship progresses and it’s foolish not to adapt to it. At the same time, everyone will do with keeping the fire of their initial romance blazing up even after years together and this is what all self-evaluating couples strive to do. The secret is to realize that one needs to nurture love. This challenge doesn’t mean that you need to end the current relationship and enter a new one to experience the romance again. It is just an easy way out but almost always not a rewarding experience in the end.

I feel that sticking to one relationship (as much as one can) is important not only for the sake of the society  but also for satisfying our natural instincts. If it’s not so, it wouldn’t have become such an acceptable and widely popular practice.

While there were a few enlightening moments where the hero was made to evaluate his conviction, the case wasn’t built strongly as it deserved. The movie lacked clarity and the whole point of it seemed to only glorify the hero and his skewed beliefs more than anything else. As a bonus, the movie has the effect of making your head spin in confusion by the time you are finished with it.

In the end, I was left clueless as to the reason behind naming the movie “Orange”. The caption – “Love in Fall” didn’t help me much either. Did anyone get it? If so, can you please enlighten this ignorant being?



2 responses

20 12 2010

Very well agree with your analysis on the concept, didn’t see the movie so can’t comment on that.

21 12 2010

Hmm…can’t really say that you have to watch the movie. But the songs are awesome. Don’t you agree?

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