Love in Shopping Mall

16 12 2010


Love in Shopping Mall

Telugu movie dubbed from Tamil

One more “reality movie” (don’t think there is such an official term 😀 )from Shanker, just like Premiste. Even the posters say so.  We all know what a big hit Premiste was.  I don’t believe that there was anyone who didn’t get his/her eyes welled up with tears at least once during the film. (especially during the climax). Premiste was a sensation majorly because it was a new kind of film – the taking was so different. It all seemed like real life. And people loved it.

But not all the above things can be said about the recent “Love in Shopping Mall”. It too feels and looks like Premiste. Even the lead actors look similar to those of Premiste, especially the hero.  Nonetheless, it’s nowhere near a sensation. Hardly anyone I knew watched the movie. It too is a love story, has a few embarrassing details, many heartfelt and heart wrenching scenes and loads of realism like its predecessor.

More than anything, it depicts the life of workers in large stores. It’s really pathetic. I myself never extended a thought, kind or otherwise, towards them. I never realized that they could be leading such desperate lives. But this movie changed all that. It lets you take a peek into their lives and you won’t see them again with the same eyes as before.

So, what went wrong? I’m no professional critic or a film analyzer (is there someone like this or is this too my invention? 😛 ) to answer this question correctly but can the reason be too much dosage of realism??  Or is it just that the degree of its similarity with Premiste made it look like it has nothing new to offer the audience??

It’s my understanding that majority of people (especially in Andhra), consider movie as a sort of relaxation and rejuvenation (besides entertainment). An escape from real life, even for a short spell of time. A perfect combination of reality and fantasy. If the scale dips one side or the other, people might not be appeased.



2 responses

22 12 2010

Never heard of the movie.. saying that, I am out of the loop when it comes to Tollywood movies… i only catch up with hollywood movies, as those are shown in the theaters in the city.

23 12 2010

I think you live in US. It’s no surprise that you are not aware of all the Tollywood movies. If you like Premiste, you can watch this sometime on the small screen.

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