20 10 2010

Blessed are my eyes, which witnessed Brahmotsavam celebrations at Tirumala last week. I was there in time for the most auspicious Garuda Vahana procession.  There was festivity all over Tirumala with lots of  lighting and enormous crowd. The above mentioned procession lasted until 2 am. Though, I must admit that, I couldn’t get the best view, I was content with whatever graced me. It was a lifetime experience. You can’t help being overwhelmed by devotion, get awed by His majesty, and bask in His glory.

The next day, it’s the turn of Hanumantha Vahana procession. This being a day-time event might not have invoked as much  awe but nonetheless, was a memorable sight.

I took out some time to visit the Flower Exhibition being held in the premises and left it speechless.  The exhibits were amazing – butterflies, Gajendra moksham, Elephant, Dasaavathaarams, Amrutha mathanam, Krishna dancing on Kaliya and more. The exhibition also included the display of photographs of Lord Venkateswara’s jewelry, Brahmotsava vahanas, old and new pics of the temple and the like.  It’s one of its kind and my only regret is that I couldn’t spend more time there.

In the past, I attended Brahmotsavam a couple of times but I have no sensible memories of them whatsoever except the Rathotsavam,  which happens on the last day of the Brahmotsavam celebrations. The giant wooden ratham, in which the Lord is taken out in procession remains in my mind’s eye forever.

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PS: Please excuse my poor photography. Couldn’t take pictures of Garuda Vahana procession.




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24 10 2010

chaala bagunnayi pics….thanks for sharing them….

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