In need of a leader

13 09 2010

The other day (night) I was travelling by a Volvo bus and they happened to screen the movie – Leader. Even though my fatigue was overpowering, I found it almost impossible to skip watching the film.  Having watched it before, I was pretty sure I would be rewarded for my effort.  It’s definitely a great movie and I don’t waste many words trying to describe just that. The point of this post is only to pen down a couple of my thoughts stirred by that movie.

I simply loved the dialogue:

“We heard our grandparents say that India is a developing country. Later, we heard our parents say the same. And we still are saying the same. When will we be able to say that India is a developed country? Corruption and development cannot co-exist.

What a wonderful statement! I couldn’t agree with it more. I’m sure it strikes cord with each and every citizen of the nation, like it did for me. Kudos to the writer.

The movie showed how a leader can bring change to our current corrupted politics. It is so inspiring. But how practical is it? To my knowledge, in real life politics Jayaprakash Narayan is an honest politician who is trying to bring a change.  Why isn’t he successful? Does his unsuccessfulness mean that he is not a leader? May be.

The protagonist in the movie had a whole lot of black money at his disposal that made his entry into politics possible and this gave him a chance to prove himself to the public. Also, he was the son of the deceased chief minister, which definitely was a strong qualification.  Obviously, Jayaprakash Narayan lacks all these elements. May be this explains the reality.




2 responses

7 10 2010

the protoagonist is both powerful and selfless. In real life, PPle are either powerful or selfless. selfish pple have all the power and selfless pple are powerless.
selfish pple aquire power. Under such conditions, how can we hope for a better government?
The only man i know who was selfless and also had power was Mahatma Gandhi.
Yes, the conditions were different then, pple thought about their motherland more than they thought abt themselves. These days we pple are self centered. Even Mahatma Gandhi could not have risen to power in a society like this. These days, to get power, you don’t have to impress, you have to supress.

9 10 2010

Hmm… food for thought! Can’t agree with you more.

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