Up above the clouds

9 09 2010

I consider myself neither a spontaneous nor an adventurous person. Not until recently did I even get a hint of how confined my thoughts are and how small my world is. I guess, in many ways I’ve been and am like a frog in a well. Can’t help it sometimes and I don’t feel alarmed at the realization. Just trying to keep the mind open as much as possible would help. Don’t you think so?

Coming to the point of this post, I took a hot air balloon ride recently. You might have deduced from the brief introduction above that it’s not a usual thing for me. It’s something like breaking the invisible walls and doing something different and exciting. For quite a while now, I’ve been dreaming of going up in the air in a big balloon and feel the clouds. But to be frank, I never put a serious effort to make that wish true.

One day, just like that – on impulse, I called the local balloon company and booked myself an early morning ride. I was euphoric. The logistics problem was solved when a colleague’s wife, inspired by me, decided to accompany me. All set.

The ride itself was good but I guess I was a little disappointed that we didn’t fly far into the woods and nature, as the company’s website pictures claimed, but just hovered over the little town, which also incidentally has lots of greenery and a beautiful river.

I felt glad to, literally, offer a hand in filling the balloon with the hot air. I expected myself to be jumping with excitement and exhaust by sheer effort of unadulterated exhilaration but nothing of that sort happened. For the most part, I felt nothing – like I do this all the time. Strange. Isn’t it? But there was respite – a few distinguished moments.

I didn’t even realize we took off until we were two feet above the ground. The smoothness of the take off surprised me. And then we rose high into the air. It was a cloudy day and this vastly diminished our chances to enjoy fine views. We then reached the clouds and slowly crept above them. There the morning sun greeted us warmly and we were thrilled by it. We flew up to 5000ft. It felt good.

The sight of the mighty and gorgeous Mount Rainier in a distance, made our hearts skip a beat. Hiding behind a cloud this minute and peeking out of it the next, the view was enticing and the moments were magical.

I saw a sunbow, first time in my life. I didn’t even know that a thing like that exists, until then. It appeared around the shadow of our balloon on the clouds. It was faint but it was there.

The landing turned out to be a little tricky with turbulent wind and we ended up getting down in a marsh beside a newly ploughed farm, a little away from our desired spot. The celebration at the end with champagne rounded off my little adventure.

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2 responses

22 10 2010

Wow, thats a wonderful sight!
it must feel great being up there around the clouds, eh? good on u, for trying this adventure out 🙂

22 10 2010

Well, it certainly was a new experience! I wish to try some more!

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