Sand dunes and Sea lions

23 06 2010

Well, the weather is really unusual in Seattle this year: June still feels like March. Consequently, my summer sight-seeing plans have suffered a lot. Considering all things including weather, our trips so far have all been far from perfect. In Los Angeles, we broke our camera. In Canada, it rained on two days and we couldn’t go to Whistler at all. Another weekend while Saturday was a scorcher, it rained heavily and consistently on Sunday, thereby adversely affecting our perusal of Historic Columbia Byway. (We still got to see a few beautiful waterfalls though.) Finally, on our visit to the sand dunes on Oregon coast we were met by an unexpectedly strong wind that we couldn’t really spend a lot of time.

But may be I’m just being pessimistic. To view the brighter side of it all, I must say we had pretty good time and enjoyed our little get aways a lot.

In this post, I want to share with you some pictures of the amazing sand dunes and sea lions on the Oregon coast. We took a ride on the dunes in a buggy and it had been a great experience. We had loads of fun at Family Fun Center of  Sandland Adventures.

On our way back, we stopped at the Sea Lions Caves, which offered pretty good views of the animals both in the caves and in the ocean. The caves were gorgeous.

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2 responses

25 06 2010

pics chaala bagunnayi…locations anni super ga unnayi…

25 06 2010

Lovely pictures.. We should make a trip to the west as well.. the terrain, weather and greenery is soo different!!

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