16 06 2010

Doordarshan – Those Were The Days post on Yahoo!’s blog Fit To Post has brought forth many nostalgic memories to my mind. Those really were the days. Reading that post has actually goaded me to add a few words to the sentiment. The Sunday movie at 4 pm used to be a family event. After my childhood, I got to watch DD (Abbreviation for Doordarshan) again during my B.Tech days where the University hostel provided one TV for the whole block with only DD aired on it. We used to thoroughly enjoy the weekend movies, Wednesday’s Chitrahar (Bollywood songs), Friday’s Chitralahari (Telugu Songs). We used to have great fun watching Superstar Krishna’s dances.  I especially loved the old Hindi songs program called Rangoli, which broadcasted on Sunday mornings.

There used to be many regional programs too, to which we were hooked. Serials like Kasi Majilee kathalu, Vennello Adapilla were very popular (this was long time back).

Children’s programs on Sundays were a treat – puppet shows, cartoons (Alice in the Wonderland, Jungle Book etc), and stories. There also used to be weekday educational program in the mornings, for the benefit of children in rural schools. The students could watch that program as part of their curriculum and learn things. I used to love the  -Choosi Cheddam, Chesi Choodam program a lot, in which they would teach kids to make so many things like making decorative stuff using different materials etc It’s surprising that I don’t remember all those other things but I’m sure they were good.

The quality and variety of the programs used to be good in the beginning but slowly deteriorated as years passed.  Gradually, many new private channels came up which offered more appealing programs. I remember pretty clearly our laments against some terribly boring, uninspiring and mundane stuff by DD. But it might be just that they had to cater to all segments of the viewers by offering a broad range of programs. But I would like to think that they got complacent and didn’t strive to offer better things.

Let me say a few words about the Fit To Post blog, which I referred to in the beginning of this post. This seems like a new addition to the Yahoo! Umbrella and it offers really good material. I was impressed by some of its previous posts on Bhopal Gas Tragedy Verdict, Airplane Crashes/Mishaps in India etc. Check it out sometime, it’s good!




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