Is this justice?

7 06 2010

Appalled to know that it took 25 years to give final verdict on the Bhopal gas tragedy case. Felt even worse to learn that the sentence is only 2 years max.

Read about it here.

Killing thousands of people on the spot and left countless disabled, the Bhopal gas leak is one of the worst industrial disasters. It’s pathetic beyond comprehension as the disabilities and other effects were genetically transmitted to the future generations too. Though I never followed the news of the events or subsequent suffering, I had a whiff of the panic and the smell of death as I snatched a few minutes of that fateful incident from the movie – Bhopal Express. It happened in the middle of the night and people were running out of the houses through the streets screaming “Gas!”, “Gas!” Kids getting trapped behind the locked doors, people coughing and collapsing on the road, the hospital faculty holding up their hands in helplessness.. gosh! that was very scary. I got sick to my stomach watching that scene. Where would people run to? How can they escape the evil air? I could feel the panic everywhere. It was terrible. That’s something I would never forget. I can only imagine what they all went through and are going through.

This lame verdict makes me feel bitter and cynical. What a wretched world I’m living in!




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