Beautiful gardens

21 04 2010

I seem to have a special affinity towards gardens, especially botanical gardens. I assure you that this has nothing to do with my interest in botany or plant life, but rather to the tranquility those gardens seem to invoke in me.

The first ever Botanical Garden I’ve visited is the one in the famous hill stationUdhagamandalam (Ooty) of Tamil Nadu state (India). I’ve visited it thrice so far, but it’s the second time that I fell in love with it. It was drizzling lightly on that fine December day and I felt that those gardens were the most beautiful sight I ever saw. The lush green grass, the mighty trees, flowers and plants looked amazing. I took solitary walks and let myself lost in its beauty. That was an experience I could never forget. Those were the days before the advent of digital cameras and am not sure I have any pictures back at home that I can scan and share with you and let you feel the magic too. Sadly, the images are only in my mind now.

Years later, I had a similar, if only more intense, encounter with BloedelReserve at Bainbridge Island, Washington State. This time too there was a very slight drizzling for a short time. The garden seemed like magic – i felt as if I entered a fairyland. Bloedel Reserve still remains the most enchanting garden of all the ones I had the opportunity to visit.

Other impressive gardens, which I loved include:
– Bellevue Botanical Garden (Bellevue, WA)
– Ohme Gardens (Wenatchee, WA))
– Japanese Garden (Seattle, WA)

Last but not least is the Washington Arboretum, which I visited just last Sunday. It felt so good to stroll along the lovely pathways taking in the beauty of the lilacs, rhododendrons, Japanese maples and many others.

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20 09 2015
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