This or that?

19 04 2010

In various situations, we usually ask our son to choose between two options, in an effort to make him do what we want. For example, “Choose one: Do you want to watch the movie I play or do you want to go into the other room?” (Basically, we want him to allow us to watch the movie we are interested in). Typically, his answer would be – “I want to watch cartoons”. (A third choice which he actually wants and can sometimes be entirely unrelated to the choices offered to him.) It’s as if, he didn’t even hear our question. He simply doesn’t care. For a three-year old, he appears too clever for our tricks and seems to see through our tricks. Ha!

The conversation between my husband and my son went along similar lines last evening. My husband was making mental plans for his son’s future and decided to get the kid’s opinion to determine the direction of his dreams. The dialogue went as below:

Father: what do you like more – Playing guitar or Camera Shooting?
Son: Gun Shooting!

Father: Which one do you like more – Painting or Games?
Son: Mario (his latest cartoon favorite)


Sometimes, he deliberately gives funny answers. He gives wrong or improper answers to the most obvious questions and as we try to correct him or just nod our heads either in despair or puzzlement, he chuckles to himself. Like the times when he counts – 1,2,5; he calls an apple an orange; he addresses me as “nanna” and his father as “amma” etc. He draws great pleasure from these moments. In fact, this can be considered as his favorite sport and major source of amusement.



2 responses

24 04 2010

Nice post!

kids always have the tender mindset and oh how I miss spending time with kids!

24 04 2010

All the best! 😉

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