Post GM diet

7 04 2010

Yahoo! My GM Diet program was a success. I lost 5 lbs and feel great (The husband is glad too!). But it wasn’t easy at all for me. On Day 3 (fruits & vegetables), I was really tempted a few times to eat something spicy and heavy. Especially when all my colleagues were feasting on delicious Mexican food. 😛 But I dutifully checked my temptation.

Day 4(Milk+ Bananas) was good. It almost felt like normal food. Day 5(Meat+Tomatoes) was a bit difficult. But I had subway sandwich to save myself (It was mentioned that Hamburger’s OK).

Day 6 was the worst. Though the program mentioned that one can have unlimited amount of meat along with vegetables, it was painful for me to consume them without any rice or roti. I haven’t eaten much on that day and on the morning of Day 7, I almost fainted with hunger and weakness.

Day 7 was supposed to be a feast day with brown rice, veggies and juice and of course I very much relished it.

At last it was over!!!!

However, I would like to confess that I tweaked the diet plan a bit and cheated once (Veggie sub on Day 7). Also I feel that I’ve taken much less than the program recommended. For ex, I couldn’t eat all of the 6 raw tomatoes prescribed for Day 5. But I never took any harmful foods (snacks, sweets etc). So, I’m not sure whether I’ve successfully detoxified my body. Anyway, weight loss is just what matters more to me right now.

But I don’t think, prudently enough, that this does the magic and I can live happily ever after. I’m sure that I’ll gain back those 5 pounds if I continued my previous eating habits. Hard to accept it, but the truth is that at the least I’ve to be watchful if I want to maintain my new profile. (I know, I’m being dramatic; Losing just 5 pounds wouldn’t alter the profile much. Excuse me!)

Well, I guess maintenance can be done fairly easily compared to the strenuous program I just underwent. It’s my experience that I can allow myself occasional treats if I just follow my diet rules, which I mentioned in one of my earlier posts.

My 2 cents on the GM Diet

  • It certainly is not so easy as it sounds to be
  • For Indians, who mostly eat the veggies and meat only along with rice/roti, it’s really difficult to be deprived of them, if only for 6 days. Of course it’s the tongue which complains, not the stomach. 🙂
  • I don’t think one can carry out the normal level of activity while on this program, at least not I. I deliberately chose the week to be without many obligations and much stress. I knew I wouldn’t have the energy to carry out my regular work load and tensions. I took lots of rest and generally didn’t involve in much brainy work. 🙂



2 responses

13 03 2017

Hello,, I want to know if You gained any of that weight back?

14 03 2017

I have sustained the weight loss for weeks and even a few months as long as I kept away from or limited bad food habits- fried snacks, sweets, large meal portions, binge eating etc. Good luck! Not all weight loss but most of it.

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