Hello, I’m back!

16 03 2010

I’m back. I missed blogging. It feels like I’ve missed talking to a friend.

The past two months had been grueling for me and the Data Analysis course I took this quarter was the culprit. To cut a long story short, the course sucked. This was the course in which we had to work on the Battle of Britain business case. Though the idea seemed interesting at first, the way the instructor handled it coupled with little or no instruction/help and unrealistic expectations, quickly turned it into a nightmare. You can’t imagine how relieved I was to attend the last class for that course. I felt like a school girl rejoicing at the prospect of summer holidays after annual exams. 🙂

With those troubles behind me, I am set to enjoy my two week break before the Spring course begins. In fact, I’m awaiting the upcoming course with much anticipation. This time, I’m prudent enough to take only one course.

Last weekend I managed to read a short novel called ‘The Breeze from River Manjeera‘ by Hema Macherla and it felt good to spend time reading fiction after a long time. I read about the author in some magazine or newspaper some time back. She went to UK after marriage, learnt English, took literary classes and became a writer. Her life inspired and impressed me and I was curious to read her work. It’s good. I don’t say that it’s a masterpiece or that it compares to great works but the novel is a decent attempt. It’s definitely not badly written. It’s the usual story of a woman immigrating to UK after marriage and having been treated badly by her husband and in-laws, she struggles to become independent and successful.

Something else too filled me with joy last week – it’s the soul stirring music of AR Rahman for the movie Em Maya Chesavo. I always find it hard to explain the nature and depth of intense bliss and joy that some music brings to my heart and it is no different this time. The song – ‘Ee hrudayam‘ is so damn good, I still can’t get enough of listening to it. ‘Manasa..‘ is another awesome song. I even loved the melody ‘Vintunnava…‘ So it’s all “AR Rahmania” for me at present. I watched the movie in bits and pieces which did not help me to appreciate it fully. But with young and fresh faces, different treatment, a touch of class and able handling of subtle idiosyncrasies, I can say it’s a good movie.



4 responses

17 03 2010

welcome back.. i loved the movie and songs too.. in fact i had done a music review for these songs for idlebrain for a friend…. they are awesome.

17 03 2010

Good to have you back…..enjoy your break…..

22 03 2010

Missed your blog Sireesha, Nice to see you back.. I loved Ye Maaya Chesave Songs a lot too, the melodies are haunting!

22 03 2010

Thank you all! It’s time for me to relax..

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