Bad experience

12 02 2010

Cormac McCarthy’s crime thriller No Country for Old Men is my recent read. After ‘The Road’, which I absolutely loved, this novel caught my attention as I recalled my husband’s rave appraisal of the movie some time back. Untypically, I believe the movie came before the book. He seemed to have penned the screenplay for the movie first and then after its tremendous success brought forth the book.

I don’t have much to say about the book, because sadly I didn’t follow the novel all too well. I had to struggle through it and it was kind of surprising to me because I was already familiar and comfortable with Cormac’s style. I couldn’t get the hang of it until past the 100 page mark. I had difficulty with following and keeping track of the characters – who says what, who is it the author refering to in a particular paragraph or dialogue etc. I’m in fact embarrassed to admit that I didn’t realize that Bell is the narrator in those italicized sections of the story until almost the end. 😛

I haven’t read a book this badly before and I think having too many things on my mind (read my earlier post) and not giving the kind of attention and concentration the work demands (however small) are the reasons for my unpleasant experience. Towards the end of the book, I got a pretty good feeling about it which made me decide there and then that I must read this novel again. Nevertheless, watching the movie before the second reading would be a great idea, I guess! 😀




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1 03 2010

enti inka busy na?? sound ledu ….

4 06 2015
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