Secret Intelligence Service

4 02 2010

It’s been really hectic for me lately. I’m so much overloaded. My to-do list doesn’t seem to shrink at all. On the contrary, it’s growing longer with each day.  What with two courses I’m taking this quarter and busy work schedule, I’m overwhelmed. All in all, it is crazy.

Amidst all this, we suddenly had to move to a new abode last weekend(Actually the process is still going on). I also got sick for one week. I know these things happen at times but this time I have a feeling that I’ve a little too much on my plate. 😦

Forget about time for hobbies, I am not even able to sometimes accommodate basic things like cooking. It doesn’t mean that I’m making much progress with my academics either. I can only say that I’m trying anyway.  I can see myself falling way short of the general expectations and the coursework piling up into a mountain, hollering for attention.

As much as the courses are interesting, the assignments and the amount of effort and time that goes into them seem enormous. I realized pretty early that it’s a mistake to have been overambitious and take two courses simultaneously. But it’s too late to rectify it. I’m not really sure how much I’m learning and at times I wonder whether my money was destined to go down the drain the moment I signed up for the second course. 😛

Well, may be I just need to persevere a little longer, plan a little more shrewedly and work a little harder. I know I’m just ranting away and am sure no one finds it least fascinating but I just had to put my restlessness and frustration into words.

If you are still wondering about the post title, I don’t blame you and I shall make you await the explanation no more. Secret Intelligence Service is my team name in one of the courses. It sounds cool, isn’t it? Here’s the swell logo:

I know I don’t do justice to you without giving some context to all this. The business case we are working on in the class is Battle of Britain. All teams should work and come up with a reporting solution that will enable the war team to track and win the war. We, a group of 5 women, got together to form the Secret Intelligence Service to provide BI (Business Intelligence) to Winston Churchill and his subordinates.

Though SIS was actually responsible for providing foreign intelligence to British Government and we are only gathering intelligence within the country, we adopted it as it seemed super cool. By the way, I’m not the one who discovered it. The credit goes to one of the other four team members. Kudos to her! I love the sound of it!




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5 02 2010

good to see u back after a long time…I am also sailing in the same boat..with work, home and many other things going on, am also really busy…I hope u get settled soon…BTW, SIS sounds really cool…gud luck…

5 02 2010

Thanks Vineela! Good Luck to you too.

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