Jeffrey Archer and I

15 01 2010

Kane & Abel is perhaps the best thriller I’ve read in the recent years (with the exception of Dan Brown’s). I came across several raving reviews and recommendations for this novel by Jeffrey Archer from time to time but I never really cared enough to give it a try; the reason being my not so good opinion of Archer. Nothing personal though J

It so happened that my first impression of the bestselling British author was far from good. I think my first book of him was A Quiver Full of Arrows, a collection of short stories. On second thoughts, it’s not at all a disappointing work but because of some bizarre reasons, which included my displeasure at his adaptation of Somerset Maugham’s Luncheon and my uneasiness at the perceived similarity of Old Love to Love Story of Erich Segal, I found myself reluctant to pick more of his books. In the later case, it’s not the story line that is similar, but the undercurrent and the soul of it. I can’t explain clearly but Old Love distinctly reminded me of the Erich Segal’s famous work.

I tried one of his novels, False Impression, after a few years since my first encounter and it turned out to be a disaster. Reading it was painful and I couldn’t go beyond the 100 page mark. I seldom leave a book unfinished and False Impression had the rare honor of being one.

With these experiences, I didn’t dare to pursue Archer anymore. Even a trial at Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less resulted in any significant change in my views. I don’t say that Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less is bad, because it really isn’t but I was not exactly spellbound by it. Life would have been simpler if I had considered the issue settled then and there. But what with the seamless positive reviews from friends and others, not to mention the author’s popularity, I couldn’t help feeling that I’m missing something. And finally, Kane & Abel managed to reverse all my unpleasant feelings and unflattering opinions by completely sweeping me off the ground and things will never be same with Archer from now. Kane & Abel is a saga of two ambitious and inspiring men and their destinies. I’m glad I read Kane & Abel this and I eagerly look forward to read more of Archer’s books.




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19 01 2010

I started Sidney sheldon n Archer’s book in my teens.. it was exciting reading the mystery-ish novels. In any case, I think you should try his other book – The Eleventh Commandment.. it is supposed to be a nice read.

28 01 2010

archer is one of my long-time favourites, i started with not a penny more not a penny less, and was blown away by the twists, and i moved on to his collections of short stories. old love and christina rosenthal are tied at the top of my favourite short story list, i must have read them at least fifty times already. kane and abel is by far one of the most engaging reads, i must say, it is one of those “i can’t put it down i can’t!” books. sad to say that the same cannot be applied to his more recent works. false impression was a waste of money… and so was paths of glory. have you read the lost symbol? quite disappointing as well…

30 01 2010

I understand that Archer’s works are indeed good, albeit a bit late. Picking up False Impression was perhaps the most unpleasant move. Anyways, I look forward to read his short stories in future. I’ve heard a lot about them too – only positive things of course.
Yes, I read Lost Symbol and I liked it. I had no expectations whatsoever out of it and I certainly didn’t compare it with his earlier works “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angles and Demons”, which are very dramatic and nerve wrecking thrillers. I think this is what made me enjoy the reading more. I wouldn’t say it’s the best or even better than some others, but just that I found it adequate, enjoyed the experience and learned something new from it. Also there is a factor of excitement that exists when you read a book asap after the release in the midst of all the justified or unjustified hype.

And, Welcome to the blog!

4 02 2010

how are you???? long time.

4 02 2010

I’m good. Lot’s happening with me! Check out my new post.
Thanks for asking!

19 05 2010
John Smith

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