Rocket Singh

12 01 2010

I haven’t yet written a negative review on this blog and I’m tempted to do that now. However, I don’t imply that Rocket Singh is so disappointing and insipid as to invoke me to express my unfavorable reaction all of a sudden. But I have to admit that it was bland enough. On the other hand, mine might not be an accurate picture because I haven’t managed to watch it completely 🙂 . I started yawning long before the intermission and by that time I totally lost my curiosity to follow the story and literally ran out of patience to persevere it to the end.

Well, I shouldn’t have attempted to watch it in the first place given that I haven’t been impressed even a bit by Rocket Singh’s sales pitch for the movie in the trailer. It seemed pretty shallow. I entirely went by a friend’s positive review but it turned out to be a pretty bad choice for me.

I keep hearing these words inside my mind as I continued to watch the movie as far as I could: “I can see why it flopped!”

The narration was dragging and the prevalent immorality/corruption in sales field didn’t exactly gave me a jolt and woke me up from deep slumber. I couldn’t shook my head in horror on finding it out aka I couldn’t relate or empathize with the protagonist. And I felt that writing a complaint against a client (and dropping it in the complaint box) is the dumbest thing one can do. I can’t believe that anyone can be so naïve. It seemed so unreal.

And who is that girl to whom Ranbir sells the assembled computers? I don’t even know her (real) name. My best guess is that she is the heroine. The movie offered not many clues after all 😉 . And I don’t really know if any relationship emerges between the girl and the boy further down the story. I felt that she looks strikingly similar to Dia Mirza. What do you think? Anyways, in a movie like this, where distraction from the protagonist’s saga is absolutely essential from time to time, for the benefit of audience’s sanity – level headedness, I’m not sure she offers much help. I can’t really say that the film director had thought about her (role) in that light. 😀

In my opinion almost everything went wrong in the first half of the movie. And I’m glad I’m not in a position to talk about the other half 🙂 .

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