I’m a cop!

8 01 2010

Everyone has many aspirations at different times of life, different ideas about what one wants to become in life. The other day, my son, who is not yet three, took hold of my work badge, flashed it at me and declared that he is a police officer. When probed him about it, he said as a matter of fact that he wants to be a cop so that he can ride a car. 🙂

I admit kids say such things all the time, but to hear something like that for the first time from my darling son amused me to no bounds. It just occurred to me that it would be a fun exercise to keep track of all his ambitions and fantasies right from the beginning. I’m sure it’ll be interesting to review the list sometime far in future.

So for the record, my son’s first aspiration is to be a police officer. Gee, I feel proud! 😛




4 responses

12 01 2010

God bless the kiddo and may he reach the peak in whatever he chooses to be ultimately…

12 01 2010

Thanks Sree!

21 01 2010

So sweet of him !!

21 01 2010


And Welcome to my blog!

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