Reaching out to siblings

19 12 2009

Siblings occupy a very special place in one’s life. They are among the very few people we usually take for granted in our lives. Next to our parents, they are the ones who know everything about us, they are the ones who influence us and are in turn influenced by us the most during our early years. Even though “sibling rivalry” persists, our brother/sisters are our closest kin.

Everything seems wonderful during childhood. Even though we quarrel, we are sure to reconcile with each other in no time. And I don’t think we ever see communication as a potential problem, while we still live under the same roof. But all doesn’t remain the same forever. In later years, things will change but still our lives remain intertwined at least until we move out into the world and have our own lives.

There is even a possibility that our paths may not cross often and we may have to depend only on festivals and rituals for the opportunities to get together or to even just talk to each other.

We may suddenly realize that we need to make an effort to communicate and to keep in touch. In these modern days, where people, in the name of individualism, seem to have become very selfish and self-centered, maintaining any kind of relationship has become a little difficult. Of course, things would definitely be better in cases where a true friendship exists among/between siblings, but I frankly have no idea about how common such an occurrence is.

It is important for the siblings to continue to balance the love, responsibilities and obligations towards each other and have a sense of being a family. I just hope that our busy lives and self-centeredness don’t affect our affections and more importantly “attentions” towards our siblings. I hope we don’t drift apart and become more materialistic. I feel that more and frequent communication is the magical key.

I don’t mean to generalize this phenomenon or project this as a trend and I believe there are many people who continue to play significant role in their siblings’ life and continue to be in harmony with each other. These are just my reflections based on some of the cases I’ve observed, which really made me start thinking. While it can be, to certain extent, attributed to individual personalities and circumstances, looking at the big picture definitely makes us  wonder.



2 responses

21 01 2010

Am very glad that my one and only sister (though she is married/got a kid/lives some thousands and thousands of miles away from me) is a very important person in my life..ofcourse she is my best friend forever…

21 01 2010

Good to know that Nagamani! Finding a friend in a sibling is a blessing!
My concern in this post mostly relates to male siblings – all brothers or a mix of brothers & sisters. But I guess non-communication is rarer than rivalry(sometimes petty, sometimes extreme) among siblings.

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