Memory loss

16 12 2009

Almost every one of us experience occasional forgetfulness when our memory fails us unpityingly. Typical scenarios would be – unable to place a familiar face we come across in a crowd, searching frantically everywhere for the keys we placed somewhere the previous day etc. I’m currently faced with one such predicament, but it’s actually a little odd because it is related to locations, rather than the usual things or people.

First, let me give some background. I usually make almost all the sightseeing and travel plans in my house, as I have great interest to explore new places. Needless to say, I keep track of every place we have already been and also those we desire to visit and plan all the little details about the trips.

Sometime back, I suggested to my husband that we visit the Japanese Garden in downtown. He responded back with confidence that we have already been there a couple of years ago and that it isn’t very magnificent to visit it again. But alas! I don’t remember anything about it – not even a clue or vague feeling, even when my husband was trying to make me recollect things by recounting some of our actions there – how we walked along a stony path, how we fed little fish in the pond etc. Though there was a little seed of doubt that sprang up in my mind about my claim, I adamantly professed that I’ve never been there. I even suggested that his recollections might be part of his earlier visit with friends, without me. My husband’s conviction matched mine. Unfortunately, there were no pictures to support my husband’s argument, which I’ve taken as further proof that he was just imagining things.

However, in the end I succeeded in persuading him to take me there. On the little chance that I’m indeed wrong, I surmised that perhaps the sight of the place would invoke in me long forgotten memories of my visit. But another surprise was waiting for me because I experienced nothing of such sort. Everything was new to me and so I held onto my belief that I have never been in that garden before. Even now I feel that it is my husband who is mistaken.

It should have been an isolated incident to be wondered/amused about if not for another one just a few days ago. I’ve got into my mind for quite sometime that I haven’t been to the Flight Museum till now and have been looking forward to visit it sometime. When I informed my husband about my wish, I was sure that he would accept my request. But to my dismay and surprise, he responded with a long  sigh and:

“What is the matter with you? Are you losing your mind? We have been there before our son was born – we saw lots of pictures on the wall. I remember that we had to shorten our visit because you were tired. No, not again to the Museum! 😦 “

So, what’s really the matter with me? 😛 😀 😛 😕 😛



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