Beauty in words

14 12 2009

Most women in literature/fiction are very beautiful. As I read through the descriptions of their beauty, elegance and charm, they always seem to me as nothing less than celestial. The exquisite words and flowery language make me imagine the ladies with ethereal beauty which I usually can’t compare with anything I can found in real life. I imagine even the plainer looking women of fiction better than they actually are (I mean how the author perceives them). For me putting something in words makes it more striking.

In cases where the books have been made into movies, many times I’ve been disappointed because the actresses never seem to justify the characters in looks. But actually they helped me realize, at least to certain extent, that women in fiction aren’t really more exotic and that the ladies I see around me aren’t any worse either.

Now that I think about it, the other reason for my inability to gauge the personality of real life damsels might be that I don’t usually appraise them nor observe them with a keen eye (no particular reason to do so, in the first place 🙂 ). But I still can’t really understand why I impart more romanticism to words.




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