The ‘I’ Day

18 11 2009

The Interview Day. An interview is not a really rare event for me since I usually take up contract jobs and need to indulge in job search once in a while. I heard about this opportunity just out of blue last week and interview for today wasn’t confirmed until end of the day Monday. What really wanted me to write about all this is my thought process and attitude as I went through this whole thing. Actually, it’s been a while since my last interview and I should really have felt a tiny bit nervous or some sort of anxiety, given the fact that how desirable this particular position is to me in the midst of other opportunities. On the contrary, I felt very confident and held onto a foolish (?) notion that I never fail a face-to-face interview. (The fact that I’ve come this far basically shows that my skill set matches the requirements almost perfectly.) It has been true till now. Touchwood.  🙂 

But I didn’t rely on my belief alone, but supplemented the trend/hope/conviction with proper preparation. I faced the interview with lot of confidence and eagerness. I usually am very modest about everything but clearly modesty doesn’t pay well during interviews. I was concerned a little bit that I might have been a bit over-confident, but I’m glad I projected enough confidence they are looking for to initiate a major effort as a part of the job.

As you can guess, the interview went well and they are really impressed. (I’m not guessing here. I specifically asked one of the interviewers what he thinks about me in relation to this position. He sounded too enthusiastic to mean otherwise.) But it all came down to this: they came across another person just this morning, whom they liked and now probably have to make the tough decision of choosing one. So, just keeping my fingers crossed. 

Whatever their decision might be, I’m glad that I didn’t let myself down. It was a good interview.

Before signing off, I wish to mention a sweet little moment with my son this morning: As I was leaving for work, I asked my son (who is a little less than 3 years old) to wish me “All the Best”. He immediately wanted to know what it is and demanded an explanation. I really was taken by surprise and pleased to observe how curious he is to know and learn new things and concepts. When I explained to him that mamma has an interview today and you need to say ‘All the best’ in order for me to do well in that, he nodded wisely and wished me. I wondered how much he really understood. By the time he heard his dad say the same thing to me when I was at the door, the kiddo seemed quite comfortable with the phrase, and was repeating it to show off his knowledge.  🙂 Sometimes I feel that the best thing in this world is to see one’s baby growing and learning new things before your eyes. I want to treasure all such moments for eternity.




4 responses

24 11 2009

So happened finally? Did u get the job???

24 11 2009

Yes, I got it Vineela! Touchwood.

24 11 2009


27 11 2009

Thanks Vineela!

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