17 11 2009

Just a while ago I was browsing through various blogs and was surprised and delighted to envisage new horizons of blogging. I came across wonderful blogs which reflect the amazing attitude of the writers and memorable, funny, critical, inspiring, contemplative posts that mesmerize readers. When I started blogging or even before, blogging was just a new fad for me, which just happens to give me a canvas to paint my thoughts and feelings. I never really fathomed its depth nor envisioned a grand goal.

But as I keep crossing paths with fellow bloggers, I begin to realize the widening periphery of the blogosphere. There were times when I used to feel that blogging is taking too much of my time. It might be because I never intended to make it a significant part of my life.  Whatever my intentions are or aren’t, it’s clear that blogging infiltrated most of everything I do and I’m enjoying it. Writing down one’s impressions and nuances does make difference to one and I’m no exception.

I bumped into the website, which showcases interviews by successful bloggers and was just glued to it. I have to admit that going through this website and the blogs it featured urged me to think about blogging in a more serious and committed manner. Incidentally, this experience revealed the fun part of blogging too. I don’t know how much I can act upon it, but this new knowledge made me see things in a different light and gave me a new sense of direction too.

A Couple of blogs I’m so impressed with are:



2 responses

18 11 2009

I love Rads too… she is simply wowww!!!!!!

18 11 2009

I agree! Actually, I stumbled upon her blog through yours. Thanks to you!

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