Who is this?

31 10 2009

Club Penguin

Or rather, what is this? Any guesses??

This was my get up yesterday for the Halloween party at my workplace. Before you decide it’s a monkey, let me clarify that it’s (supposed to be) a penguin. If you still can’t see through it, I urge you to peer hard until you do. 🙂

Actually the theme for the whole organization was Disney characters and our team became Club Penguins. I agree that mine looks plain and even a bit odd, but I assure you that the rest of the team was a lot better – a few were actually scary too. There even was an igloo set up with spiders all over it at the team members’ desks. It was named Spooky Club Penguins. I must say it was something.

Sadly, I forgot to take my camera with me yesterday morning and so I don’t have any pics with me right now to post them here. 😦  (I took the above picture at home just for the blog purpose.)

There was this costume contest and the work area decoration contest late in the afternoon. Our team was a strong contender in both of them. And what’s more, we won the second place for both the costume and the decoration. (Just to make it clear – there were more than two participants.)  Whoa! Team work really paid. 🙂 I like to believe that the main reason our costumes clicked was our team spirit.

There were a lot of kids and lots of interesting get-ups. How I wished I had taken my son with me! This was my first real Halloween party and I had great fun.

Happy Halloween!




3 responses

31 10 2009

ha ha ha.. nice costume… 🙂

2 11 2009

lol…I could see the penguin before reading your post…dont worry too much….

2 11 2009

Oh really? That’s a relief.

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