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22 10 2009

Note: This post makes more sense to Telugu-speaking people and/or Telugu movie buffs

It is very true that light without darkness or happiness without occasional sorrow cannot be appreciated much. Also, the worthiness or value of any object or person can be perceived well only when it is compared with something or someone else. It sometimes happens that we don’t appreciate a trait or talent in any person if there is not much scope for comparison.

The same thing happened to me about the singing talent of S.P. Balu and Chitra. If anyone of you remember, some 15 years ago or more (definitely well before the Rahman’s entry), most of the songs in most of the films were sung by this duo. There used to be little variety. I used to wonder why these guys monopolized telugu film music! Apparently, I took their talent for granted and refused to believe that they have far superior talent than most. But not these days, after listening to so many new singers. I don’t mean to say that others aren’t talented enough, but definitely Balu and Chitra outshine most of the present singers.

It is obvious in some cases like the beautiful song in Tulasi movie, “Nee Kalla thoti” which was sang by Chitra and Sagar. The difference between the singing can be easily perceived. Whenever I listen to that song, I feel that Sagar has spoiled it. He doesn’t deserve to sing with Chitra. However much, I love that song and Chitra’s singing in it, I fail to enjoy the track completely because of him.

Listen to it here: [I know the video is distracting but try to concentrate on the audio 🙂 ]

Also by Chitra is the most recent one in Kalavaramaaye Madilo, wow… she was awesome:

And there is a song in Athadu movie – “Neetho cheppana” sang by Balu and Chitra. In my opinion, it’s not by far the best track of the album, but I’m convinced that the singers made it very special (at least to me). Every time I listen to it, I can’t help making a tribute to both of them. I like to believe that the only reason I like to listen to that song is its singers. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the sweetness of their voices in this song melts my heart.

Here it is for you:

A couple of more examples, where I really stop while listening and take time to appreciate the singing:




2 responses

22 10 2009

Sireesha, mee video/music links are not showing up for me.. don’t know if its just my m/c.. oka sari choodandi.

23 10 2009

Fixed the issue Sunita. Had to correct the HTML. I don’t know why it didn’t work the first time – I did exactly what I had done in my previous posts with videos… 🙂
Anyways, thanks for letting me know.

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