Wake Up, Sid! (Bollywood movie)

21 10 2009

Lazy weekend, gloomy weather: perfect motives for watching a good movie. Encouraged by the positive reviews of Wake Up, Sid!, we drove 30 miles to watch it in the only desi-movie-screening theater nearby. We weren’t disappointed. It’s a well-made movie and I have more than a few words to say about it. 

For starters, Ranbir was really handsome! I felt that Konkana didn’t look her best though. I’m not sure what the film-maker actually wanted to convey but from what I understood, it’s about responsibility, maturity, friendship and love. 

I liked the scene where Rahul comments Konkana that she is immature and she was totally caught off-guard.  I thought it to be one of the important scenes in the movie. Rahul’s remark surprises her because she considers herself as a very mature person, especially when compared with Ranbir, which of course is very true. I feel that after some point, maturity is just a relative concept, like everything else. 

And Ranbir and Konkana eventually falling in love with each other reminded me of my theory that if a man and a woman live together or at least spend so much time together, they are bound to fall in love at some point. Time and opportunity plays a very important role. It doesn’t matter how much alike or different they are. (Any extremes are ruled out by the fact that they remain in and/or enjoy each other’s company.) 

An unconventional aspect of the movie is that the heroine is older than the hero. Well, it can be said that it is demanded by the story because the script requires the lead woman to be more mature than the lead man. But as is common knowledge, women usually tend to be more mature compared to men of the same age. So it could have been the same way in the movie, in case one wants to stick to conventionality. But the impressive fact is that the age difference was never imparted any significance. In fact, the atypicality didn’t even strike me until after the movie ended. That doesn’t mean that I have any problem with the girl being older than the guy. I’m just mentioning it because it is not the norm. 

The music was pretty bland. In fact, I didn’t even notice when the songs started or ended.  All were just background songs. I could have done with something more interesting.




4 responses

21 10 2009

We were looking forward to watch the movie after some good reviews from friends but are conveniently blaming it on ‘lack of time’ 😀
I totally agree with a couple falling in love(if we can call it ‘Love’) when they spend a good lot of time together.. I have seen it happen in real life a couple of times for me not to find any logic or meaning when we see something like that on screen.

21 10 2009

The whole concept of love and the credibility of its origin is very debatable. I’ve seen numerous instances in real life where time and opportunity make the show. I don’t want to judge whether it’s correct or not because I feel that no one can or should say – this(anything) is the ideal way and/or ideal reason to fall in love.

22 10 2009

I was about to do a post on this movie.. good one!!! keep the reality apart, it felt so goody goody.

22 10 2009

Yes, it was good and for me not really far fetching..!

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