Chetan Bhagat

20 10 2009

Chetan Bhagat‘s new book, “2 States – The Story of My Marriage” is out. And I surprise myself by looking forward to read it. It’s a surprise because, when I first knew about this book, I remember to be distinctly unenthusiastic towards it.

I’ve read all his three previous novels. As many others, I found that his first – Five Point Someone – is something.  The other two are pure disasters. I read The Three Mistakes of My Life despite the terrible reviews.  Though I agreed with the negative reviews after completing the book, I must admit that while reading it, I felt it OK, if not good.

I’ve also observed that it’s not just me. Many people hate Bhagat’s writing, but still read book after book from him.

I feel that Bhagat’s works are just commercial flicks and cannot be called as literature. But in my opinion, the reason they have become bestsellers is that the characters and the scenarios are taken out of life – his characters have a strong next-door boy or girl flavor and he manages to entertain without being ‘very’ cheap. (But of course, the romance in his books really sucks – the episodes seem like bizarre fantasies.)  Definitely, the ease of language and structure of the novels helped a lot to reach more people. The low price of the books is another favorable factor.

I  hate even to say that I want to read his books but I usually end up reading them anyway. The reasons seem really silly when I think about it. They are usually the following in my case:

  • It has become a bestseller. A lot of people are reading it. I should read it too.
  • It’s a very simple, short book – it will hardly take a day or two. The effort is negligible.
  • Though the story seems unconvincing and/or writing bad, I can relate to some aspects of the characters and/or the situations.. It’s like reading a story about a neighborhood girl or boy… or watching a soap or just time pass or something to that effect.



2 responses

22 10 2009

Hmmm.. yet another to-read book in the loooooooooong list… and yeah, by the way.. after five point someone.. i just felt his books are okay category… did not feel the best but did not feel worthless either.

22 10 2009

Oh cool! So, how long is your to-read list? I too have one. By the way, I’ve been through your post about how many of the best 100 books you’ve read. 28 is an impressive number. I fall too short of that. Are you on any book social networking sites (Like shelfari or Goodreads or Library Thing). I would like to look at your shelf if there is one. 🙂
I could have pushed “2 States” to the top because it’s cheap (around Rs95) and it’s likely to be short. But of course I don’t want to buy it, so I’ll have to wait to borrow it from the lib. Anyways, I’m not in a hurry. 🙂

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