Marriage in modern India

17 10 2009

I chanced upon an interesting post on the Random Reads blog. It’s titled “An Open letter to Rakhi Sawant”. It’s written by Shaifali Sandhya, who is a clinical psychologist based in Chicago. 

She has some advice to give to Rakhi Sawant, who was the star of the television show – Swayamvar. She had chosen a partner on the show from the numerous men who applied for the same. 

Also, Shaifali has some interesting facts to say about the current Indian marriage system. She commented on how the increased expectation of women in the aspects of love and intimacy has increased the dissatisfaction in marriages and often leads to depression and/or broken marriages. 

Evidently, she had made some observations and conducted some studies on this subject. Her book, ‘Love will follow: Why marriage is burning in urban India’, featuring them is coming out in October. Since this is a subject that I can closely relate to or at least empathize about, I am eagerly waiting to lay my hands on the book asap. But I’m not sure when exactly the book will be released. I couldn’t even find it on (to pre-order). Curiously, googling the title returns only the blogpost I mentioned above. Surprisingly, nothing on the publisher’s site too. Hmm… Is this a mysterious book or have the plans changed?




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23 12 2010
Revisit to the Book Fair « Peek Inside My Mind

[…] Love Will Follow: Why the Indian Marriage is burning by Shaifali Sandhya.  This is one non-fiction book , which I’ve been eager to read since a very long time. I can’t wait to lay my hands on it. […]

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