My Happy Birthday!

7 10 2009

Today’s is my happy birthday 🙂

I felt a mixture of childish glee and also a grown-up’s absurdity, even as I was typing it. 😛

Kids seem very cute when they say it.  Of course, I have no intentions to get cute with anyone now. May be I just wanted to experience a momentary association with the innocent childhood.

Birthdays for me have always meant to be celebrated, feel special and have fun. But these days I get a feeling that I might be little too old to indulge in all that stuff. I suspect it’s a cultural thing – I hardly ever came across any older people who celebrate their birthdays. Somehow the notion that celebrations are for only the children/young seemed to have stuck with us. Perhaps a part of me has believed that one should treat one’s birthday like any other day and not try to disturb the daily routine and any attempts to do otherwise is only seen as a sign of immaturity.

But I want to get out of that stereotype and wish to make (and feel) my birthdays special, if not for anyone else,  just for myself. And I’ll do it today!



7 responses

7 10 2009

Wow..good one…Simple and sweet 🙂 loved it…

7 10 2009
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8 10 2009

Belated wishes Smiley… :).

9 10 2009

Belated Birthday Wishes Sirisha.. Missed wishing you earlier 🙂

9 10 2009

Thanks Sunita!

7 10 2010

I have read many of ur posts (peeked a lot into ur mind) and I feel like wishing you happy birthday day. Wait a minute. this post dated 7th october 2009 and today is 7th october 2010 11:14 pm . I have just noticed. what coincidence. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I guess u enjoyed ur birthday, today.

9 10 2010

Thanks Haritha! Yes, I had a great time.

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