Happy ending

7 10 2009

In this final post of the day (First: My Happy Birthday, Second: Birthday reflections), I wish to bring my birthday chronicle to an end. As I said before, it’s all in my mind. All I had to do was orient my mind accordingly. I approached the evening with uplifted spirits while the biggest surprise has been waiting for me at home. I was met at the door step by the rich aroma of something spicy and I was  really amazed to find out that my husband had took pains to prepare my favorite dish – Hyderabadi Biryani (he is not a regular or keen cook ).  I later learned that my husband had actually took the afternoon off from his work, in order to be ready with his surprises when I return home from work. My heart melted at all the effort he put in, for me.

And also there was this card, the cutest one I’ve ever received, – a musical card recorded with my son’s voice, wishing me Happy Birthday!

However, the most important treat was  – no chores for me today. Just eat, smile and sleep. 🙂

I was on cloud nine.  😀

And by the way, the biryani was delicious.




6 responses

8 10 2009

wow.. that is really sweet..

9 10 2009

Awesome.. Its lovely to know abt your happy birthday 🙂 How old is your son?

9 10 2009

My son is now closer to three than two.

12 10 2009

Oh thats sweet, you should be totally busy with him and your work! Kudos to you.. for the wonderful blog!

12 10 2009

Yes, life is busy and I’m liking it this way right now.
That’s so nice of you to say. Thanks!

15 10 2009

So Sweet of ur hubby…..

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