The Lost Symbol

6 10 2009

I’m currently enjoying reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and I’ve covered about 25% of it so far. Just wanted to pour out my thoughts on the experience.

Whenever there is hype over anything, I fear that the product in question might end up not justifying the enormous magnitude of the anticipation. But in the case of The Lost Symbol, my fears have proved groundless, for Dan Brown successfully emerged with a yet another edge-of-the-seat thriller.

I was intrigued by his declaration in the beginning that all the organizations, rituals he mentioned in the book really exist. If that’s the case, there lies a whole separate world which remained hidden to the general public.

I’m even more impressed by the field of Noetic Science. It says that the mind has effect on the matter; that thoughts can make or break things. Of course, it isn’t entirely a new perception. Like the author explained in this novel, the powers of the mind have been recognized and realized by many in the ancient times. And we Indians do have countless instances depicted in our epics and sacred scriptures.

All this has reminded me of something I read a while ago,  a speech called ‘The Power of the Mind’ by Swami Vivekananda, an inspirational and spiritual personality of the 19th century, delivered at Los Angeles on Jan 8th, 1900. As all his talks, this particular speech too is highly inspirational and mesmerizing. He explained that the human mind has tremendous power waiting to be harnessed. I remember being transfixed on the idea that each mind is connected to every other mind and that each mind is in actual communion with the whole world. You can find some excerpts of that enlightening talk here.

I liked the fact that Dan Brown mentioned some real artifacts related to neotic science, like the book – The Intention Experiment and aroused my interest in that field.

One more thing I’ve experienced while reading the book is that – I keep picturizing Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon. Though I don’t have any misgivings whatsoever about his superior performance befitting the role, I feel that he is a bit too old for the character. And that spoiled a bit of fun and restricted my imagination about the physical aspects of the character.

More later – may be when I finish reading it. Not a promise though! 🙂



4 responses

6 10 2009

the place I am in right now… doesnt allow me access to the new/English books a lot.. I guess we just need to forgo somethings in order to stay in this serene atmosphere… would be waiting for the complete review though.

9 10 2009

Just curious, Did you finally finish the book?

9 10 2009

Not yet Sunita. It’s an ebook and I’m not getting many opportunities to access it. I hope to finish it by the weekend though. 🙂

12 10 2009
Done with The Lost Symbol « Peek Inside My Mind

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