The most hated popular books

6 10 2009

Nothing is liked by everyone. However great or popular a thing might be, there will be at least a few who are not impressed by it. Likewise there are some popular books, award winners and best sellers, which are hated by a significant number of people.

From what I’ve observed in some of the online book communities and groups, the most hated books seem to be –

  • Alchemist by Paulo Coelho(Bestseller)
  • The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy(Booker Prize winner, 1997)

Others include –

  • Paulo Coelho’s other books like Eleven Minutes
  • Chetan Bhagat’s literary attempts etc.

Also I’ve heard more negative reviews than otherwise about Kiran Desai’s Inheritance of loss (Booker prize winner, 2006).  But still I decided to try it, going by it’s literary recognition and ignoring the fellow readers’ bitter experiences. And that was a decision I greatly regret. Reading that book was a sheer torture.

So, when I recently picked up The God of Small things from the library, it is not without much hesitation. But, there’s  a surprise waiting for me. I’m enthralled by her writing. I was not at all prepared for her highly delectable prose, which swept me off my feet (or so I felt). I’m really enjoying the book and even before I finish it, I have a feeling that I would read it again and again.



One response

6 10 2009

I cant agree more in case of Inheritence of Loss, thought it was due to my preg hormones and stuff i did not like it ;)…

GST is a good book.. It is in my re-readables too..

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