The Chamber’s suspense

5 10 2009

Has anyone out there heard about the Bollywood movie – Mixed doubles (2006)? If not, you are not alone. I haven’t heard about it myself until I spotted the DVD in the local library. It’s an off-beat movie by Rajat Kapoor, starring himself, Ranvir Shorey and Konkana Sen Sharma . Watched it over the weekend. It dealt with the bizzare thing called ‘wife swapping’.  God, what strange and disgusting things people are capable of doing! (This is the second time I’ve come across this concept in a movie, the other one being Ajnabee.)  

Well, I don’t want to go into the plot or details as it isn’t my intention to write a review here. I just want to mention a little thing that amused me in that movie. 

The scene goes like this: 

Konkana is desperately trying to get her husband, Ranvir’s attention as he is deeply immersed in reading The Chamber by John Grisham. When her attempts fail, she gets pissed off and blurts out what supposed to be the suspense of the story: “Daniel has done the murder and Sophie too will die in the end”.

So, what about this has struck me funny? Any readers of The Chamber might have got it by now. 

There is no Daniel or Sophia in that novel. Nor there is a murder in the story the way she puts it. 

Ha ha..! How difficult is it to find a book (with suspense/mystery) that at least one of the film makers has read or know the plot of?




One response

5 10 2009

i saw the movie and slipped this one… nice observation. maybe the maker thought no one would notice. 😉

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