Tweet like a bird

3 10 2009

I’ve been baffled by the recent surge in popularity of the Not wanting to lag behind, I created an account. At first, I didn’t understand what I’m supposed to tweet. Just answering the question ‘What are you doing?’ resulted in only very mundane entries. Then I added twitter app to my Goodreads profile which essentially tweets about whatever updates I make to my books/lists on Satisfied at the moment by this arrangement I avoided visiting for quite some time. But it didn’t help me much to secure followers or make twittering more fun. And I didn’t know how best to make use of Twitter and wondered whether it’s of any use at all in the first place. 

So, I decided to explore it more. I came across a few very good articles online about what twittering is, and what it is not; why and how one should go about twittering etc.

Here they are:

Twittering tips for beginners

12 reasons to start twittering

I’ve learned that one should not really answer the question – “what are you doing?”. And that following other people is the first step, before you can expect others to follow you. As of now, very few in my friends circle are on Twitter but I’m sure the number will increase gradually. I’m even thinking to follow some celebrities and/or important people who interest me. But right now my mind refuses to cooperate and I couldn’t come up with anyone other than Shashi Tharoor. Of course, I found accounts for people like Shahrukh Khan and A R Rahman, but I’m not convinced of their authenticity. Another thing that bugs me is that, various people of questionable profiles, in terms of decency, motives (advertising) etc and all sorts of strangers seem to choose to follow me. How much does one’s reputation get affected by that of one’s followers? Do we continuously have to filter our followers? Some people have a really large number of followers and I wonder if they screen them all.



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