Father of the Nation

2 10 2009
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Today is the 140th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of our nation. And I pay my deep-felt respects to him on this occasion.

Mahatma Gandhi is my most favorite historical person. I always am awestruck by his ability to lead a nation towards freedom and that too through non-violence. I sometimes wonder, how he even got the idea. Because that’s a feat which has not occurred either before or after him.

And the not so great things I hear occasionally about him never really managed to affect the magnitude of my admiration for that great soul.

I have a guilty confession to make here – though I proclaim that he is my favorite personality and I’m his ardent fan, I haven’t yet even read his autobiography. It is a task, which I have been procrastinating without any apparent reason.  Actually the thought has slipped away from my mind. Now that I discovered it, I can’t seem to wait to lay my hands on My Experiments With Truth.

I also take this opportunity to bring forth my desire, that had slide into the back of mind long ago, to actively pursue my interest in Gandhian Thought (yeah, seriously! At one time, I thought to take it up as a study ).



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