Mocking marriage

28 09 2009

I’ve been hearing about the reality show Swayamvar for quite some time, though I haven’t it watched, let alone followed, it myself. I was really shocked to see the engagement pictures of Rakhi Sawant. I didn’t really think that they would really go to that extent. 

Some years ago, there was a similar program called Swayamvar 2000 or something like that, in which a girl or a boy chooses one among 4 participants (boys or girls respectively) based on some rounds like proposing etc. It was clearly apparent that the whole thing was just for fun and there were no talks about commitment or marriage. But still, that program couldn’t get the acceptance of the audience and soon died. Another example is Kahi Na Kahin Koi Hain, hosted by Madhuri Dixit. 

But now, I’m appalled by the way the current show has turned out. Anyone with common sense can see that this is just taking things to the extreme. Whatever made the producers to think of such an idea and believe that it would be favored by the audiences! I agree that curiosity makes people watch it initially but after a while, they can surely see through the absurdity of all. I can’t understand how they even tried to sell the idea of choosing a partner on television and make a show of it. Clearly, lessons haven’t been learned.   

And those pictures, gosh. I didn’t think anyone could look so horrible and vulgar in bridal wear. Whoever thinks she is beautiful … I don’t know what to say. Now, Rakhi makes clear that there will be no marriage. 

And the producers are planning for the next season – with Rahul Mahajan.  It seems that he has been accused of spouse abuse. Oh my god, this is unbelievable. 😕

I just heard that there’s going to be a similar show in Tamil with Rambha!

Has the show really become this popular? Being in a far away country, have I missed something that’s going on in India? 😕




One response

28 09 2009

Just a trend.. kottoka vinta typelo undi… this will die soon too.. but yeah disgusting is the only word.

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