25 09 2009

Have you ever noticed that in a room full of scattered people, you can tell who is whose spouse fairly accurately? I’ve always found that for a couple, who have been together for quite a while, certain resemblance can be observed in their faces.

I always wondered why and how that happens. I couldn’t get my theory validated with any of my friends. And so I wasn’t sure myself in the first place. Not until I read about it in a book called Decoding Love by Andrew Trees. It seems research studies proved that couples do look similar after a while, because they unknowingly try to imitate each other’s facial expressions. It’s nice to know the reason besides getting my perception confirmed as a fact.




3 responses

26 09 2009

It is an old joke amongst us friends that the two people looking like brother and sister in a group are actually the couple, mostly going by the mannerisms :).. good to know that such a thing actually exists and is not a casual observation by us… informative as usual :).

2 10 2009

I had that question in my mind too.. good to know the reason .. 🙂 thank u ..

5 10 2009

Nice one.. Telugu sametha undi kada – Aaru nelalu aithe vallu vellavutaru ani.. I gather from this post that it holds not just for thought process but for mannerisms too!

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