On relationships

18 09 2009

Never take any relationship for granted. Every action you do counts and affects the relationship. Better make sure it’s in a positive way. Every relationship needs to be nurtured. Sometimes it requires a lot of effort. Right words should be spoken, right things should be done. Everything follows the ‘give and take’ rule. First give to the relationship, what you expect from it – be it respect or love or care or empathy or anything. Well, I guess this is what that binds us to other people. If the nature of relationships is not the way it is now, our lives would have been utter chaos.

It seems to me that you can’t afford to be yourself with anyone all the time – if you really care about your relationship with that person. There is nothing called unconditional love. Everything is conditional – only the degree varies.

But as I think it over, it doesn’t seem to be such a bad thing. On the contrary, I feel that it enables one to become a better person.  By responding to the demands of a relationship (assuming we want to make it work successfully), we constantly acquire new abilities. As social beings, there is no desire for us to get out of the relationship entanglement.  So, we just have to do our best.




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20 09 2009


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