The Time Traveler’s Wife

10 09 2009

I’ve just started reading this novel by Audrey Niffenegger. Though the title was  self explanatory, I was not prepared for what is actually inside the book.

Henry is a time traveler who travels back and forth in his life. His wife Clare knows him ever since she is six, but he meets her for the first time only when he is 28.  The author tells the story by a strange jumble of dates and ages:

September 7th 1987, Henry 32, Clare 16 etc

For the first 50 pages, I was overwhelmed by all those dates and it seemed to me that the story wasn’t progressing in any particular direction. One question I kept asking myself was – how the hell did the author contrive such a story idea. And I’m really awed by the author’s power of imagination.

Once I got over my initial shock and got adjusted to the style, I’m found it very interesting..  The fact that it’s a love story made things easier, because if it was about  some mundane subject, it would have been a very confusing and difficult read.

I’m still around page 100 and there is a long way to go.. But I already have a feeling that it will turn out to be a very touching love story – perhaps one of the best I’ve ever read.

I’m also very eager to see the movie, but I would first like to finish reading the book.



3 responses

11 09 2009

It’s a great book. I read it a couple of years ago and was pleased when the movie was made. Haven’t seen it yet, but I will. I’d love to hear your take on it, when you’re done.

18 09 2009

My initial excitement has waned as I progressed into the later half of the book. But, it’s still good. I can’t wait for the ending.

2 10 2009

The story gets interesting after their daughter is born. I liked the ending very much. But after completing the book, my desire to watch the movie has vanished.

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