YSR is no more

2 09 2009

Andhra Pradesh’s Chief minister, Dr. Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, died in a chopper crash Wednesday Morning.

Click here to read about it.

Just heard the news. It’s very saddening. Donno what the reason could have been for the crash, but I can’t help think that there might be some conspiracy involved. I have no basis to think so, but important people don’t usually die naturally or by accident.

When I initially heard this evening from my husband that YSR was missing, I joked about how he might not come back, apparently ignorant of the seriousness of the circumstances. Even though practically the odds to find him alive were few, the news confirming his death hit me as a jolt. He was not a person I admired, and I usually don’t think much of most politicians anyway. Nonetheless, his death made me feel very sad. His being the ‘Chief Minister’ certainly affected my reaction, I guess. And of course the way it happened – it’s really scary even to imagine the last moments of the people inside that machine, when they are certain about their looming death..

This incident reminded me of cine actress Soundarya’s death 5 years ago, which happened in a similar horrendous manner.

May his soul rest in peace!



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