Love ramblings

31 08 2009

It’s amazing how mysterious love can be, for something which is pervaded everywhere.

An interesting thing about love is that – nobody can tell you that ‘you’re in love’. You might have to feel it yourself. Of course this is true of other feelings too – jealousy, envy, hatred, sympathy etc. but ‘love’ is different in that you can’t be sure of it just like that – it usually takes time, sometimes lots of it. Why??

Sometimes in being overcautious not to believe as ‘love’ something which is not, one might be really letting ‘love’ go.

I have another fundamental doubt: how can one differentiate love for a person from the love of just being in love? What happens eventually in the later case? Is it right to even call it love?

Geez, it seems all I have is questions and assumptions…

May be ‘love’ is not meant to be analyzed and/or scrutinized so much. May be it’s just meant to be experienced and felt.

Taking in the theory that ‘too much analysis spoils the beauty of things’, I’ll leave this train of thought here.



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