Picture Lake

29 07 2009

I, along with my husband and kid, set out on last Saturday towards Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest near Bellingham, WA . Our intention was to drive through the forest and experience spectacular views of Mount Baker. We had no information whatsoever about what else to expect.

The drive was much longer than we expected and by the time we acquired details from the visitor Center about various scenic spots and short trails to consider, the weather turned against us.  Until then we have conveniently ignored the clouds in the sky blocking the hot sun once in a while. We didn’t take it seriously because we never expected a rainy day in the middle of very hot summer days. But as it is said, one has to carry an umbrella in WA all through the year. Only after a short while inside the national forest, it became very dark and the first rain drops fell down. As it was already 4pm, we immediately aborted our sightseeing mission and returned home. 🙂

Nevertheless, we got to enjoy some of the beautiful landscape during our brief encounter with the forest.  And Picture Lake surpassed everything we have come across. You can have a very good view of Mount Susksan from the lake and the name is very apt because on a cloudless day, the mountain reflects in its still water and looks like a picture.

Picture Lake

Picture Lake

Closeup of Mount Sukhsan:

Mount Baker

Mount Sukhsan

Other amazing scenery on the way to the lake:

Nooksack River

Nooksack River




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