Following ideals

13 07 2009

Increasingly these days, lying has become so common and infiltrated our lives so much that it’s no longer seen as a vice unless in extreme cases. Often, people rarely think twice before they lie for petty things, let alone undergo any internal turmoil. There are some other vices which have become  part and parcel of today’s living. The most popular reason that goes around is – you have to indulge in them, if you want to survive in this wicked world. Life is harder for those who try to swim against the current.

I’m not implying that everyone out there is vicious or non-idealistic. But unarguably most people, including me, come under the category who does and be good only when it suits them. I mean most people, do not hesitate to lie or bribe if it saves them face or time or money or energy etc. Compromising ideals makes your life easier.

The bottom line is: If you choose to be good in everything you do , you have to fight your way through it. It takes lots of courage and perseverance to be good and honest (all the time, not just when it suits us). I admit that this is not a ground-breaking discovery or anything – it’s just that I took time to look at things again.

As I introspect, it amazes me how I have changed over time… how I compromised some of my ideals! Sometimes I feel sad that I’m not now as I was, say 10 or 12 years ago. Does that happen to everyone or is it just that I alone am not fighting hard enough? 🙂 I really like to know how many of you out there could continue to follow all those ideals you once believed in (as a child or a teenager).



One response

14 07 2009

I agree… Its no more vice… I should share some thing.. I used to have a friend in my early graduation. one day he came up to me and was proudly saying that his uncle was in jail on a murder case and they working out to pull him out from any criminal charges whatsoever. I Always felt when i admit him to be my friend am i admitting that murder is no more vice. They have their reasons for admitting it no vice… i dunno what i would do if i was him. So is it circumstantial to see if some thing is vice or not, may be yes.

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